Hello all,

I prepared myself a lovely high protein pre-run breakfast. Comes in at about 150 calories, 13 grams of protein.

Love myself some yoghurt, cottage cheese and strawberries!

Ready to start week 3 of C25k today!




I am still trying to make time to read that big book, but as of yet it’s not nearly finished. So I thought I’d write about another endeavor I’ve taken up. C25K (or couch to 5k).

For the people not in the know, C25K is an interval training to get you from ‘I can’t run to save my life’ to running 5K in 8 weeks. There are 3 runs each week and they get a bit tougher every week. (Just google it if you’re interested. The web is full of plans.) I am also using this app on my phone which tells me what to do when, which is really helpful!

I started running/walking last friday. It was real nice weather here, which made us go to the beach and ended up on me deciding to try my first run in the dunes. It was tough, but in the end I managed. Next two runs were done near my home, next to the water. Quite nice, nothing special. Didn’t feel like I was getting better at it though.

Today I finished run 1 of week 2. The 1 minute runs went up to 1,5 minute runs. And I managed to complete them all. It was quite windy and it started raining just when I stepped out of my front door (of course), but the rain wasn’t all too bad. Nice drizzle to cool me off at times.

So yes. Very proud day. Actually daring to dream that I might be able to run for half an hour in 8 weeks, which seemed impossible last week.

Next run is supposed to be on Saturday, but I don’t know how I will fit that in, so I might move it to Sunday, should be fine as well.

Do you follow any program to get fit(ter)? What is your motivation? How are you coping?

Starting a blog

Last week, me and my friend, decided to plan a trip together. I have wanted to travel the Middle East for quite a while now and I am excited to say we plan to go there. Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey. Morocco is also in option but it seems a bit far for now.

We have spoken about buying a cheap car in Egypt and leaving it to turn to dust at the last place we visit before we leave. A nice Volkswagen van woud be great.

But for now, these are just speculations. We have yet to start planning the very first things. I want you to be able to follow our (hopefully) epic journey from the very first (ok.. Maybe second and third) thoughts, through the end and maybe a little further.

I am a novice traveller, we might touch on that subject some other time, who is about to embark on a journey toward a journey. Lets see where it ends and how we will fare along the way.

For now this is my way around starting a blog.



PS. I am a shopping/cooking/baking addict. You might see some of that around aswell.